Turn Your Boring Thai Garden into a Tropical Oasis

Many Thai gardens in both rural and urban areas, and particularly in Residential Estates or 'Moo Bahns,' are essentially the same. The building companies lay some soil and grass on top of whatever existed before, and pop a few different species of plants around the perimeter edges, with the odd tree for effect.

hide your driveway tropical gardens

(Picture above: A customer wanted their driveway to be concealed from the garden). These gardens are OK, but, if you would like to have a designed, or landscaped garden, then you should think about contacting Thai Garden Design.

thai garden design

(Picture above: The Thai Garden Design team constructed a wooden barrier, with planting, to separate the driveway from the garden space). We have transformed literally hundreds of different gardens across Thailand, from North to South, East to West.

thai garden

We will listen to and make note of your desired style, looks, themes and wish lists. From there we can produce a comprehensive garden design to match your tastes, and once the design is 100%, we can produce a detailed quotation with all elements included and broken down so you can see the costs involved.

landscaped gardens in thailand

We can design for and install all elements of garden design, including Salas, Pergolas, Pathways, Water Features, Patios and Terraces, Driveways, Lawns and Grassing, Planting Schemes and Irrigation Systems… Everything required to transform your garden space into a fantastic tropical oasis, and a far cry from a boring, bland space.

landscaped gardens in bangkok

If you live in Thailand, then you should use the space available to you – Contact [email protected] for more information.

access pathway thailand gardens

(Picture above: A pebble and sleeper pathway cuts through this unique Thai garden, complete with imported up-lights installed for evening times, and laterite brick terrace to the side).

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