Does your Thai Garden
need a Sprinkler System?

Installing a new Sprinkler System within your Thai Landscape need not be a Chore.

Everyone knows Thailand is hot, sometimes very hot…. For garden plants, grass and trees to grow to optimum levels, it is recommended that all Thai landscapes have a regular supply of water.

Reasons to install a sprinkler set-up in your Thai garden:

  • No need for manual watering – you save time and effort
  • All parts of the garden can be watered with the flick of a switch
  • Automatic systems available so you can pre-programmed times
  • Water different parts of your garden at different times of the day
  • Many systems and configurations available for ALL sized landscapes

Thai Garden Design will visit your garden landscape and provide complete guidance and a sprinkler map before any installation. All types of sprinkler head available. To discuss your water sprinkler requirements, email [email protected] or call 083 885 9304 for further information.



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