Sinking Concrete Terrace in Bangkok? New Deck Fix for Urban Bangkok Home ….

In this latest project in Bangkok, we helped a couple transform their overgrown front garden into a usable space where they could spend time easily and with privacy.

No one wants to be the owners of a sinking concrete terrace in Bangkok…

decking installation company thailand
The deck will be level with the interior floor

The home was a few years old, but the concrete terrace that came as part of the original design had sunk several inches into the Bangkok mud, a problem very common in many parts of Bangkok.

wpc decking team thailand
The team ensure the frame is off the floor and will not rust over time

This had left a sagging sitting space, uncomfortable for resting, as the tiled slab was left at an angle when exiting the home!

decking frame
The team are hard at work building the framework

Thai Garden Design proposed to completely remove the sagging slab, and replace it with a wood plastic composite decking, which would have wide and deep concrete footings, with a galvanized steel frame set on top. The top boards of the deck would then be attached to the frame, giving a stable, light but strong platform that would indeed last for many years.

Wood plastic composite decks are great in urban areas. Good quality WPC decks do not warp in the heat, are normally attached together with stainless steel fixtures, and are 100% insect and termite proof.

wpc decking team thailand
The team ensure the frame is off the floor and will not rust over time

New Custom Pathways

The old slab was removed quickly, and the team levelled the garden and installed the footings and built the framework. The final level of the deck would be the same as the interior floor of the house, giving an easy and seamless transition from inside to outside.

pathway design in thailand
Pathway slabs are poured
garden designs bangkok
The pathway design is taking a nice shape

Transitioning from the new decked area to the carport was important, so the team proposed to make their own ‘easy walk’ pavers, poured squares and rectangular concrete, reinforced, to create the customers own custom-made walkway, without the need for shop bought paving slabs.

amazing garden design thailand
Easy stepping stone pathway, leading to the new decked area

The area was cleared, and the team got to work pouring the new pavers, which would be finished in a grey sand wash effect. This is when small grades of sand are set into drying concrete, which is then ‘washed’ by hand, to reveal the colorful sand effect on the surface of the concrete.

gorgeous decking in bangkok
Amazing new modern look to this space …

The rest of the garden was haphazardly planted, although some nice plants could be salvaged. The design team recommended a low maintenance but colorful planting list, which was approved. The main feature plants in the garden are an impressive looking ‘dragon tree’ or ‘junpaa’ in Thai (Dracaena loureiroi), some spikey white and green agave plants (very low maintenance) and a variety of heliconias and dwarf date palms.

grey wpc decking thailand
Great looking outdoor area ..

These are all lit up nicely during the evening by a network of garden spotlights installed by the team.

beautiful modern gardens
Entrance has been transformed and is stunning

As a final touch, the team nestled a black terrazzo style water feature in the middle of the planted area, linked with a timer, to run automatically during morning and early evening.

stunning tropical garden design
Tropical plants decorate the new entrance

The job took just two weeks, from start to finish, and the couple were thrilled with their new social garden space, easily accessed from their living room, and therefore adding extra space to this lovely urban home, and no more sinking concrete terrace in Bangkok !


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