Wasteland in Pattaya Transformed! Tropical Pond, Babbling Brook and new Lawn

In only 3 weeks, our team transformed this plot – a wasteland filled with ditches – into this beautiful Amazing Landscaped Garden in Pattaya, with 2 ponds and a waterfall.

In November 2023, our team travelled to Nong Prue, Pattaya, for a landscape renovation project. When we arrived, we found this: 1 rai worth of land riddled with ditches and standing water.

landscape designer pattaya
The landscape is a huge pile of mud and rubble!

The rainy season had just come to an end and the ground was soaked. There was a huge mound of dirt in the center of the plot. At slightly under half an acre in size, this plot would be a big project.

landscape garden team thailand
A macro digger excavates the main pond

The Pond Build

The homeowners wanted a lush outdoor water garden. At the back of the house they wanted a terrace with a waterfall next to it. The waterfall would empty into a main pond, with an ornamental bridge. They also wanted a second pond that would flow like a stream. There was an old pond at the back of the property, and the owners wanted to move a 2-ton rock over to the new pond.

And even though it was already November, they wanted everything in time for Christmas.

Our team only had 6 weeks!

reinforced concrete works pattaya
Reinforced slab floor

Right away, we started on levelling the landscape. Whenever we work on any garden with a water feature, we make sure the land is graded correctly so that water runoff is directed away from the main home. On this plot, we planned to have water run off into the nearby river.

We used a macro excavator to break down the large mound of dirt and dig the ponds. We removed rocks and debris, and spread the soil evenly across the plot. There were still some low areas, so we brought in extra topsoil and sand raise ground closer to the house. Finally, we used a soil roller/compactor to make the final grading.

At the same time, we brought in a crane to move the 2-ton rock from the old pond to the new pond. This required some careful maneuvering, but our team has plenty of experience and the move went without a hitch.

pond builder in thailand
The skeleton brickwork of the pond is formed nicely

With the feature rock settled, our team got to work constructing the natural pond, the one meant to flow like a stream. The owners wanted the sound of a gentle stream or babbling brook, without fish or plants, so we built a natural rock edge with plenty of movement so that the water would churn.

The owners wanted a low-maintenance pond without a dedicated filter system, so we engineered a solution. We set up a pump system that would bring water from the house water tanks down to the pond. The water would recirculate for a while, creating the babbling brook effect, and then gradually overflow into the neighboring river. With new fresh water always coming from the house, this pond will always stay fresh. We engineered the flow rate to ensure that it wouldn’t run up the homeowners’ water bill too much.

tropical plants pattaya
A gardenia bush is chosen as the driveway hedge

With the stream done, we started work on the main pond. The owners wanted this pond to have an impressive waterfall so that they’d always have the sound of moving water. This pond was also going to have plants and fish.

pond and waterfall designer
One of the foreman admiring the final pond, bridge and waterfall

We love creating waterfalls, and this project gave us license to really build one out. The final waterfall was 1.6 meters high, several meters wide, and included several cascades and pools. We constructed the pools with shallow depths so that birds could come down to bathe.

pond filtration system
View of the wetland filter in the foreground of the picture

The ‘Wetland’ Filter and Skimmer Pond

Ponds can easily grow algae, so we set up a “wetland” style filter that would maintain the pond’s natural ecological balance and keep the water clean. In a wetland filter, a pump pushes water into the bottom of the pond, where we installed several natural filter layers. The bottom of the pond contains large, heavy rocks, with layers of smaller rocks, pebbles, and gravel overtop. As the water rises, the different grades of rock filter out sediment. Over time, good bacteria grow within the stones, cleaning the water naturally. Plants help filter the water as well by removing nitrates and nitrites and injecting oxygen. After all the filtering is done, only fresh water rises to the top.

beautiful pond designs thailand
A skimmer pond is located at one end, to collect leaves and unwanted material

We also added a series of jets at the side of the pond to help circulate the water. Between the jets and the natural waterfall movement, the water receives plenty of churn and turbulence for good oxygenation. Over several hours of running the system, the water is continuously circulated and cleaned.

large rock and pond floor pattaya
A concrete floor is laid as the base for this shallow pond

After installing this filter series, we added plants. We used a mix of palms, cycads, and ground cover to create a tropical oasis. We introduced fish and built an ornamental bridge across the middle of the pond, a beautiful feature that really adds to the atmosphere of the water garden.

pond designer thailand
The pond is now taking shape

With the ponds done, it was quick work to install the rest of the landscape. We laid the lines for an automatic sprinkler system. With the help of the crane, we planted two large date palms.

Thailand pond design
The final pond, with the large rock in the centre

Finally, we laid down and rolled out the lawn, using a tropical variety of grass called zoysia. The lawn totally transformed the space and brought in a wonderful vibrant green color. With the sprinkler system going from the start, the grass stayed completely healthy and lush to keep this Amazing Landscaped Garden in Pattaya healthy. 

landsdcape designs pattaya thailand
The blank space has been transformed

And then we were done, in a record 3 weeks. The finishing touches were done two weeks before Christmas, so our team even had time for a “first cut” of the grass just before Christmas break.


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