Tropical Waterfall and Bridge Garden Plan

Wherever you reside in the world, you can have your garden designed by the team at Thai Garden Design.

tropical gardening

tropical garden designs

tropical pathways in thailand All you need to do is supply dimensions and your own ideas and suggestions. From there the team will supply a collection of designs and images that can be amended to suit your perfect garden design. Planting schemes and information about the recommended plants are also part of the package. Material suggestions, softscape and hardscape are also included. The design is also changeable until your are 100% happy with the final design.

In the design above, the client was interested in constructing a low maintenance waterfall pond, with stone and pebble walkways, tropical planting, lighting and a wooden bridge in order to cross the pond to a simple laterite terrace at the corner.

rock waterfall pond

The rock waterfall is opposite the house terrace, so the owners can sit in direct view once it has been switched on. All lights and operational switches were installed with a junction box and easily accessible from the house terrace.

So wherever you are, why not have your garden designed by the team at Thai Garden Design. We will take your ideas and turn them into a comprehensive landscape design that can be followed and installed by our own team (if you reside in Thailand) or by other garden build teams.

More details can be found at the page here.

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