Popular Thai Plants

Hibiscus in Thailand

If there is one plant the symbolises the tropics, that plant would most likely be Hibiscus. This flowering shrub has spread throughout South East Asia and the tropical world in its many variant and hybrid forms.

tropical thailand plants hibiscus

Generally considered as 'the most well known' form of Hibiscus, H.rosa sinensis has an entire range of flower sizes and colour varieties; with some species able to grow to up to 5 metres in height. The colours are just as unpredicable, coming in a whole rainbow scale from pure white, reds,  pinks, to hues of lemony yellow.

Hibiscus require full sun to flower well, and can be pruned into hedge form. 

Anthurium - Decorative Tropical Foliage

anthurium andreanumThe genus Anthurium, of the botanical family Araceae, contains over 700 species of flowering plants. Most notable for their waxy, beautifully coloured 'flowers', which can almost look artifical. These decorative, ornamental plants require filtered sunlight with good drainage and moist, fertile soil. Anthurium are commonly used as houseplants or in shady spots as they can almost continously flower when in the right environment.

Probably the best known is A.andraeanum, also known as the Painters Pallette can grow up to around 60cm in height (pictured). To order plants and trees for delivery in Thailand, click here or contact us

Water Lily - Nymphaea

Water plays a huge role in garden landscapes across Thailand, with even smaller domestic garden settings or balcony gardens often seen incorporating some form of water feature, jar, or small pond.


There are a large number of types of Nymphaea, or water lilies, with different sizes, colours, forms and behaviours. Many are day-blooming, some bloom during the evening, but all are capable of creating a pleasing focal point suited to the tropical garden. Water lilies thrive in full sun, and in most cases will survive well when planted within submersed pots (if in a water jar, or trough) or in the muddy bed of your garden pond.

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