Heliconia in Thailand Heliconias are originally native to the American tropics but have thrived are are very popular throughout Thailand. Common names for this brightly coloured, flowering plant include wild plantains, lobster claw, or false bird of paradise (due to its similarity with the bird of paradise flower).

Heliconias are tall tropical flowers, often red, orange yellow and sometimes pink. They are remarkably popular in gardens and homes throughout Thailand, due to their beautiful vibrant flowers and multi-colour bracts, which really help them to stand out amongst tropical shrubs and beds.

Heliconia is a genus of around 100-200 species of flowering plant, and are the only genus in the plant family 'heliconiacea' which is also a member of the larger taxonomic category called the 'Zingiberales'.

The heliconia have very obvious characteristics by which they can be recognized, including their large leaves and distinctive, brightly coloured inflorescences (the cluster of flowers arranged from the stem).

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2 thoughts on “Heliconias”

  1. Great post! You have me wanting to garden yet again 🙂
    I realise I say this about so many plants… but heliconias really are a fav of mine.
    Borneo was lacking in heliconias, so I’d come to JJ Market in BKK and take the rhizomes back with me.
    I hope that whoever took over my garden is enjoying them as much as I did…

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