Modern Thai Landscaping – The Railway Hotel in Hua Hin

topiary style thailand railway hotel Hua Hin is one of Thailand’s oldest and most successful Thai holidaying resorts, and is still very popular with foreigners and Thai’s alike. The Railway Hotel in Hua Hin (now known as Sofitel Central) first became popular during the 1920’s when Hua Hin remained one of the only holiday resorts of Thailand.

The King of Thailand built his own summer palace there, which is still in use by Thailand’s current Royal Family. Over the decades, Thai aristocrats and rich foreigners have built their own holiday homes close by, and the Railway Hotel became a popular central attraction for visitors to the Thai resort.

The Railway Hotel Garden has always been one of it’s best assets. Huge topiary animals can be seen at the front of the hotel, making a walk through the grounds a ‘must do’ event, even for those who are staying elsewhere. The old fashioned style of clipped topiary, winding walkways and formal planting patterns are a favoured garden style of well-to-do Bangkok gardens and Thai palaces throughout the last century.

Perfectly clipped hedges curve around the main topiary attractions, tropical layered beds and fountains are meticulously well maintained, and mish mashed with perfectly cut lawns, enclosed by Bougainvillea hedges and bright Cannas plants, adding zest, flare and colour.

There is excellent night time lighting throughout the Hotel gardens, creating a peaceful and natural setting for evening walking.

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