New Japanese ‘Zen’ Garden for Condo Project

As part of a larger landscape, Thai Garden Design recently designed and installed this new Japanese style garden at a Condominium development in Central Pattaya. The previous space was a derelict building site.

japanese garden design

After an initial clean up of the area, the team organised several loads of soil to be delivered to the site in order to build up the levels and create sloping away from the building. A hardcore course was then laid and compressed across the across the area, with geotextile weed fabric to help catch any unwanted growth. A top layers of finishing stones, pebbles and planting were also added.

modern japanese garden in thailand

With a mix of varied foliage, different coloured stone, and with a good eye for design, this once derelict space has become a real feature for the condominium owners. The plant selection is low maintenance, with some of the plants requiring just some pruning once every so often. The team added some other clever features within the design, including some large tree stumps, which would otherwise have been thrown away.

low maintenance japanese landscape

If you reside in Thailand, or would like your garden designed by the experts at Thai Garden Design, email for more information.

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