Oriental Pergola for Driveways

This natural hardwood pergola was constructed by the Thai Garden Design team at a house in Bangkok. The client was interested in having some extra cover over their driveway , making it was easier to walk across the outskirts of the house without exposure to the sun, and to give the front of the house more character.

thailand pergola

The columns were placed on the outside of the driveway, spanning to 5m (16ft) gap across the drive. The pergola also extends out nearly 3m (10ft) from the wall, giving plenty of space for shade and walking. The team treated and painted the wood white, in order to match the bright colour scheme of the house.

garden design woodwork thailand

The customer also had a similar pergola, and timber deck, around the side of the house on a garden terrace area. The deck is raised to the same level as the terrace, and therefore acts as an extension.

wooden decking in bangkok

(Picture above: The deck area, with white pergola at the side of the house) For this part, the team used circular columns, to match the impressive circular columns of the house.

If you need garden design services or landscaping within Thailand, contact ben@thaigardendesign.com.

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  1. Hi Jean – Sure, each to their own – you can get various coverings for the pergolas, but in this case the owners were aiming for a more ornamental look to the front of their home – thanks for dropping by! – The Thai Garden Design Team

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