Simple Landscaping Makeover for Thai Garden

The owner of this large garden in Bangkok was having problems with soil levels and sinkage, which had occured within the garden (mainly around the boundaries) over the last two to three years. Parts of the garden were completely in shade, due to the growth of some large banana trees, and several other species. The owner wanted to drastically improve the garden, and was looking for someone to take responsibility for the project.

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The owner contacted and within a matter of days the team were in. They first re-located several of the large trees that the owner wanted to keep, and removed others that were occupying valuable garden space (and light)

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Large amounts of soil were transported into the garden and spread appropriately to assist drainage.

new grass for bangkok garden

New grass was laid, and the paving slabs were dug in and spaced correctly.

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The new soil levels and lawn, plus re-location and removal of some of the trees automatically open up the garden and make it a more pleasant space.

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The owner also had a thin pathway around the back of the house which too had become very overgrown. This was cleaned up, and a simple pebble and paver walkway / small terrace area was installed around the L of the house, meaning access was not only easier, but also this part of the garden was now open to use by the owner.

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If you have some issues within your garden in Thailand, contact the Thai Garden Design team, and we'll be happy to take a look.

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