Koi Pond Garden – Pattaya (Part 1)

The Thai Garden Team recently completed this entrance garden for an Expat in Pattaya. To view the initial design, click here. To view the photo album for this build, click here.

landscaped garden in pattaya

The garden, initially just a patch of earth running alongside the house, was to include a covering pergola walkway and wooden decking, a sala at one end, a koi pond with bridge, bench seating at the pond, a waterwall opposite the door of the house, and a waterfall. The garden was designed in full by the team.

professional koi pond design

The pond filter lies underneath the decking, is installed specifically for keeping koi fish, and includes four chambers (two biological), all the filter medium, a UV lamp, and all the connecting pipework and pumps (you can see the four access panels in the picture above).

garden installation

Over eight weeks, the area was transformed into a easy to relax garden, where the owners are able to feed the fish under shade, enjoy the sound of the waterfall, or dine in the sala during the evening.

tropical pergola walkway

All the different features of this garden build will be covered in the next few posts. If you want to transform your Thai garden, email ben@thaigardendesign.com or call 083 885 9304 – we are a complete garden design and installation service.

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