The Timeless Look of Pool Decking (more shots from the Twelve Hotel)

Another update from the Twelve Hotel in Bangkok, with shots of the pool decking installed by the team at Thai Garden Design. The deck was installed on a non-rust metal foundation, yellow balau hardwood (stained) at a 45 degree angle.

modern tropical landscaping

Cut right up to the edge of the pool, the decking masks the sandwash concrete underneath, which also acts as a great foundation for the deck. Water is able to escape under the wood into the drain, in the event of heavy rain.

bangkok garden designs

Now the area is very attractive and inviting to all the residents at the hotel .

tropical landscaping bangkok

Picture above: The pool deck spills out onto the outside forecourt, giving a consistent look throughout. So if you are in the market to design and install your dream garden landscape, contact the team here at Thai Garden Design.

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