Problems with Real Grass? Sometimes a Switch to Fake Grass can be the Answer …

The Thai Garden Design team recently solved this problem for the owners of a house in Central Ladprao area of Bangkok. Their entrance garden, which consisted of nice wide pavers and a grass bed was constantly flooded. Consequently the surrounding grass was patchy and an eyesore. The team suggested installing a drain down one side, and using artificial grass.

entrance landscaping bangkok

(Picture above: Water is constantly pooling in the rainy season, killing off the grass). The team took up all the pavers, and excavated. They then installed a compacted gravel and sand base, graded towards the new corner drain (picture below).

landscaping in bangkok thailand

The team then cut the grass nearly around the pavers, and securely pinned. The grass was aligned with the top of the pavers, with everything nice and level, as seen in the picture below.

tropical gardens thailand

This modern home now has a modern, low maintenance, flood free entrance garden. Easy on the eye and without any grass issues. Another successful job from the landscape team at Thai Garden Design. We work all over Thailand, so if you need assistance with a landscape garden project, feel free to contact us here.

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