Modern Landscaping Solutions for Resorts and Hotels in Thailand (and beyond!)

The team at Thai Garden Design consists of a design department with separate landscaping teams who work together to ensure the best and most appropriate and appealing planting plans are installed. Offering a full service from start / design concept, through to installation, we've succeeded in helping everyone from domestic gardeners through to managers of high end hotel chains.

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In all cases, careful consideration is given to the client requirements, whether it is a small nook that requires some feature planting beside a back yard pump room, or a large pool terrace with space for colour and low maintenance planting.

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Many hotels and resorts in Thailand have areas of difficulty when it comes to planning and maintaining the right plant selection. Over time these plants either begin to look shabby or just don't work out at all (this goes the same for home gardens as well!). What you need is a careful analysis of what's possible. That's where we can come in.

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(Picture above: One of the team careful installs a lush tropical green wall at a residence in Bangkok). Our design services help to iron out any potential problems and create discussion about the end requirements of any garden or landscape space, helping both home gardeners, resort owners and hotel managers alike. If you need help with your garden landscape in Thailand, you've found us… Get in touch.

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