Stunning Modern Decking Design in Bangkok

In the battle between hardwood decking and new composite materials, it looks like the scales have begin to finally tip in the favor of WPC (wood plastic composites). This new modern decking design in Bangkok, designed and built by Thai Garden Design, is a sound example. 

hardwood and wpc decking
The old deck was worn, and had seen it’s best days …

The previous hardwood decking had lasted a number of years, but the foundation and top boards were gone. A few boards were still salvageable, but when a hardwood deck gets to this stage, it’s best to re-think the garden design.

decking company thailand
Beautiful new decking has made this space open and usable once again

The Thai Garden Design team salvaged and reworked the best boards (example of the cool privacy screen we made below) but the decision was made that, in the interests of longevity, a WPC decking would be built to replace.

galvanize steel work thailand
The Steel frame has concrete footings for stability and longevity

After the old foundation was removed, a galvanized steel skeleton frame was constructed, including the raised planters and bench areas on the far side. Thick concrete footings were made to hold the structure firmly in place.

raised beds modern decking
This bench and raised deck is a nice addition to this modern garden design

Within the design, the team built 3 long raised planters, lined with geotextile and built as an integral part of the decking. 

sun decking in bangkok
A great spot to unwind in the city …

Bench areas, a large circular sofa, and a raised table for BBQing was also included. Steps into the house, and leading down into the entrance garden were installed, nice and wide, for easy access. 

raised planters in decks
Raised planters are easy to access from the decking

This hip modern decking design in Bangkok has totally transformed the space, making it attractive, usable for the home, and a nice place to spend evenings in the twilight of the city.

privacy hardwood fencing
The reclaimed wood has been used to effect, to create an privacy screen

And what happened to the old deck? Well the best parts were re-used to make this cool privacy screening, a new lease of life and a good use of the old wood. For modern tropical landscaped gardens, contact Thai Garden Design for a chat about your ideas!


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