Automatic Sprinkler Systems with Wifi Connectivity in Thailand

The Thai Garden Design sprinkler team are able to install Automatic Sprinkler Systems with Wifi Connectivity in Thailand. This recent example is a large plots located on the outskirts of Pattaya, Chonburi.

pop up sprinklers
Good coverage across the garden lawns, and planted beds

The owner is away for long periods at a time, and required a system integrated with the Hunter ‘Hydrawise’ Wifi irrigation control component. This is so he could run the system periodically from his phone.

hydrowise application hunter thailand
The system can be run with the Hydrawise app, from a mobile phone

The team therefore installed Hunters Pro-HC station, a professional-grade Wi-Fi controller for residential applications.

sprinkler systems thailand
All areas of the garden are covered ..

The garden was large (over 1 rai) and had many raised planters, gravel beds and concrete pathways cutting across sections of the lawn. The team had to install appropriately positioned pop ups to ensure all areas of the garden were covered. Care was taken to ensure outdoor terraces, doors and windows were not soaked with each session!

hunter irrigation thailand
Pop ups and rotor heads cover larger grass areas

Sections of stamped concrete had to be dug out and carefully re-installed, so pipes could be neatly run into the pump rooms and connected to the main house water tank. 

automatic sprinkler systems
All planted areas are covered by the new system

The installation included all areas of the garden, ensuring the ongoing health of the plants and lawn areas. Hunter irrigation systems are easily programmable, reliable and fully automated sprinkler system. 

sprinkler systems in bangkok
The system is on a timer to run twice a day, at peak hours

Are you looking for an automatic sprinkler systems with Wifi cConnectivity in Thailand? Thai Garden Design have installed over 50 such systems. Get in touch for more information


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