English Style Tropical Garden for Pattaya Residence

Check out this latest job, designed and installed by Thai Garden Design, at Baan Pattaya 5, in Huay Yai, Chonburi. The owners of this new home were looking to create an English Style Tropical Garden, so the team got to work.

tropical landscape designers
Alot of work to be done to improve this family garden

After several design discussions and on site meetings, a garden plan was agreed. Containing lots of evergreen shrubs, a mix of hardscape and fountain and statue features, this was always going to be a very interesting outcome. 

landscaping plans pattaya
This plan was approved by the customers …

The original pathway was removed and a new curved design created with random cut stone was concreted into position. This immediately adds new colour and interest from which the team were able to build from.

natural stone pathways
The team piece together the new pathway

Garden Art and Features

All four sides of the garden have statue features, a nice and homely touch, which illustrates that even with limited space, designer gardens are possible (even an English Style Tropical Garden !).

pattaya landscaping
Random cut stone pathway, nice feature throughout the garden

A nice mix of ferns, ficus hedge trees, areca palms, umbrella plants and other ground covers give lots of different heights and foliage appeal.

thailand landscapers
Cobblestone effect with entrance water fountain …

The new pathway divides and sections the garden nicely, making the area seemingly larger, and with different areas all with great views, from all angles.

garden pots thailand
The new garden has lovely views from all angles

The statues were procured by the owners who very much put their own twist on the final design. 

garden and balcony designer
Lovely feature for this new garden

The new mix of hard and softscape have great visual appeal, in a low maintenance style and direction. This garden will flourish and bloom with time and is easy to take care of. If you are based in Thailand and are looking for a reliablelandscape garden company, you’ve found us. Contact Thai Garden Design for more information.


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