Sprinkler Installations for Tropical Gardens in Thailand

With regular hot and sticky weather here in Thailand, it makes sense to keep the garden well watered. Thai Garden Design are experts at sprinkler installations for tropical gardens in Thailand.

sprinkler installation company thailand
The landscaping team install the water pipes

The team work mainly with Hunter Irrigation products and equipment. Very reliable, time tested and easy to program, they make for the perfect residential system. 

hunter irrigation thailand
Hunter Irrigation Panel

The team just recently worked with a couple in Hua Hin at their large garden. With over 3 rai (4800 sqm) they wanted a system which drew water from the lake within the property. 

sprinkler pump thailand
These pumps cover an area of 4800 sqm within 16 zones

Also two large, powerful pumps were needed to ensure full coverage. These were house in a sala, near to the lake. 

tropical grass company thailand
The team lay out the new grass on top of the soil / sand mix

The team therefore needed to design a network of pipes that could cover this large area, and with a system that could filter out impurities and river waste, so as not to block the pipes. 

lake view landscaping thailand
New grass, new views. Wonderful garden in Thailand …

Land Preparation & New Lawn

The job also needed complete land preparation with new grass, so the team brought in and installed over 4800 sqm of new grass, with good quality earth spread evenly, levelled for drainage, across the area. 

lawn company hua hin thailand
The new grass has revealed an amazing tropical garden

The job took around 6 weeks, with the team working everyday. The results are amazing, and have transformed the old garden into a vibrant tropical garden. 

See the video below, of the sprinkler sytem in action.

If you are feeling like your garden in Thailand isn’t getting enough water, and is suffering in the heat, then contact Thai Garden Design for a consultation. We specialize in Sprinkler Installations for Tropical Gardens. We can fit a number of different systems, and with WiFi components, rain sensors and for all sizes of landscape. 


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