Cool Garden Screens and Fences in Thailand

Garden Screens and Fences in Thailand are sometimes a necessity. Whether it be to screen out an unsightly view, block a neighbors window or just to create additional privacy. Luckily there are many great looking and easy ways to achieve this.

Here are some options:

Bamboo Screening

bamboo garden screens
This bamboo screen looks great and hides unwanted views

If you need extra height on your fence, this is a great and cost effective way to reach impressive heights. Constructed with a  steel frame, these fences give a great natural look.

Composite Screening

garden fences bangkok
The houses in the background cannot view into the garden anymore

Becoming ever more popular, composite materials hold up well to the weather in Thailand and can be painted to match any colour scheme. When put together well, they can be a nice aesthetic, and effective addition to any garden space. 

Hardwood Screening

garden screens bangkok
This integrated deck / screen is a stylish place to spend family time

Hardwood or timber screens can be integrated with an area of decking. A more pricier option, due to material costs, these screens look awesome and can be a main area of focus within the garden. 

Screening with Plants and Palms

plant screening tropical garden
This landscape uses ficus hedges to screen out the blank wall space and neighbouring view

Creating screening is also possible by using certain types of hedge and decent sized palms, or a combination of. Here at Thai Garden Design we often make garden designs that include plant and palm screening. 

So no matter what you are trying to hide or screen, there are multiple options. Contact Thai Garden Design if you require Garden Screens and Fences in Thailand, and we can design a solution for you. 


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