Tropical Courtyard Garden Design in Thailand

Recently completed, this wonderful new Tropical Courtyard Garden Design at a residential home in Hua Hin has been a real success.

tropical landscapes in thailand
A winding terrace and tropical plants make for an amazing garden

Previously an empty, dull garden space, it was clear with the space and location there was potential to design and install something special. The owner was interested in a number of options, and the final design included a curving stone terrace, with gaps for mature palm trees, plus tropical planted beds at the sides.

tropical palm landscaping
Tropical birds next ferns, ixora and pandanus decorate the side beds

The space itself is large enough to hose a good sized party, with easy access to the house and pool. Thai Garden Design finished the job with a selection of hardy perennials and palms. These included pandanus, cordylines, elephant ears, areca palms and lipstick palms. 

courtyard tropical landscape
Clean beds, lots of terrace space. A wonderful garden …

The results are an explosion of tropical foliage and colour. Along with an attractive and large usable space for tables, chairs and games areas. 

thailand garden designer
The new garden is attractive and welcoming for all who visit

Classical statues, potted plants and a fountain also add interest and sophistication. 

If you’re looking for Tropical Courtyard Garden Design, or help with your residential, commercial or workplace tropical garden, get in contact with us here at Thai Garden Design for a consultation. 


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