Rooftop Garden Designs in Bangkok …

Don’t settle for boring, dull, empty and un-interesting rooftop or balcony space in Bangkok. Why not give Thai Garden Design a call, we help you to design and install your perfect Rooftop Garden Designs in Bangkok.

landscaping ideas
Before view of the old rooftop

Thai Garden Design were contacted to see if there was anything that could be done to improve the above scene. Suggestions were made, and the team provided a design (below).

garden and balcony designer
This plan was the start of this new rooftop space …

The owner of the condo was happy to go ahead on the basis of the plan, quotations were swapped and discuss, and an installation date was booked.

roof designs and landscaping
Wonderful new vision on this roof space

The transformation was swift and completely altered the space. A collection of plants, palms and shrubs were employed in concrete planters, lady palms, heliconia, areca palms and baby oleanders were all present in the mix.

tropical roof garden designs
Low maintenance palms and shrubs not light up this viewpoint

The owners of this roof space now enjoy a combined cityscape view, as well as a tropical garden. It’s now much nicer to spend time here, and this type of garden also attracts birds to the space. So if you have a dull rooftop or balcony, there is no need to suffer it! Get in touch today. Rooftop Garden Designs in Bangkok are one of our many specialties. 


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