Privacy Screen and Bamboo Screen for Home in Pattaya …

This homeowner in Central Pattaya wanted to make some changes to his back garden. After purchasing the home, a factory building decided to appear right alongside his sidewall, visible over the top, and generally ugly and unsightly. After consulting with Thai Garden Design, a bamboo wall was proposed, attached to a long-lasting steel frame.

Steel frames are welded and installed

Other areas included the low wall along the back of the house, which meant neighbours on both sides could easily view into each others garden! Sometimes not desirable, and so the decision was made to also construct an attractive composite slated wall, to provide increased privacy throughout the home.

The new screen completely blocks the unwanted view next door ….

The team got to work, and from start to finish (despite rain delays!) were completed within seven days. The owner was extremely pleased with the team’s demeanor and hard work.

Now the view from across the wall is completely screened …

Now the owners can enjoy better views from their garden, and an increase in general privacy.

Attractive new screening for your home

If you reside in Thailand and have certain aspects outside of your perimeter walls that you would prefer ‘not to see’, or if there are unsightly elements that need to be screened, then contact Thai Garden Design for more information on how you can aesthetically screen and improve your garden views!


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