Tropical Landscaping Transformation, for Large Garden and Home in Hua Hin …

The Thai Garden Design team recently finished this large tropical landscaping transformation at a new build in the centre of Hua Hin.

The landscape after all the excess earth was removed from site …

Having had discussions with the owner on an ongoing basis before the project started, plans and budget had already been drawn up and agreed. Once the owner was ready to start the team got to work.

Sublime pool and garden view ….

‘Turn-key landscaping’

The project was largely a ‘turn key’, with many elements including complete landscaping, automatic sprinkler system, rock waterfall and pond with filtration, tropical plants and trees, plus a large stamped concrete driveway.

The concrete for the driveway goes down ….

The team began by removing large amounts of excess earth and by grading the soil to the owners preference. Challenges were overcome with the constant rainfall at the height of raining season.

The new drive stretches over 40 meters …

Once the initial concrete for the drive was installed, other features began to take shape, and the team were able to dig and construct the pond and waterfall, and trees were sourced as per the original design.

The new pond and waterfall look great from the inside of the home ….

Towards the end of the project, the team installed all the pipework for the watering system (Hunter) which was linked to the main water tank fed from a deep water borehole installed by the owner. This helps to keep water usage down, which can be a issue with such a large garden that needs a lot of water.

The garden gets a daily blast from the watering system …

The final garden is a real feast of colour; a tropical haven cut into what was once before an overgrown and unused hill. Both the owner and the team worked well together achieve this unique and enchanting space.

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