Sprinkler System Installations in Bangkok and Thailand

Pornchai Garden are a team of Thai Gardening Experts who have the experience and ability to design and build all types of manual and automatic sprinkler set-ups in your Thai garden, workplace, factory, resort or public space in all regions of Thailand.

pop up sprinkler system

(Pop-up sprinkler head – above) The requirements of your garden, positions of windows, terraces, pathways, swimming pools, plants and trees can all be catered for in the design of the sprinkler system. Areas of grass and foliage can be watered with a series of pop-up heads, as in the photo above.

sprinkler system in thailand

Large expanses of landscape and larger trees can be watered by powerful long distance heads, which can be set to water different areas at different times of the day.

drip sprinkler system

Plant beds and trees close to the house can be catered for using drip systems (above). These sprinklers don't create a large spray, or shoots of water, rather they simply release it quietly into the surrounding soil, making sure the plants have ample water without wetting terrace floors, or nearby windows.

Whatever your garden watering requirements, talk to the garden and landscape experts at Pornchai Garden by calling Ben on 080 655 8110 or by emailing ben@thaigardendesign.com. We can install completely separate water tank / pump systems, or look at your current configuration to determine the best options for you.

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