Hua Hin Landscaped Rock Waterfall and Garden

The Thai Garden Design team recently completed a new build for a Hua Hin Expat involving the complete design of a new landscaped natural rock waterfall and garden, with new jungle style planting, pathways, ornamental decorations and traditional Thai sala.

At the outset the garden space was empty… A dusty and dry region with some trees but little else. The waterfall and garden had been designed beforehand by the team and with the complete involvement of the customer – almost all aspects of the build were accounted for before construction took place (full finished pictures of this garden here)

artificial waterfall design and garden thailand

The shape and positions of various elements were agreed at the outset of the project and the team got to work.

thai garden design

All the materials to build the garden and waterfall feature were sourced and delivered to the site as the project developed. Large, natural rocks were part of the design, along with pathway blocks, sleepers, a whole list of foliage plants and trees, pumps, filters, pipework and all electrical conduits.

garden design and build thailand

The experience and expertise of the team meant that at all times the customer was secure in their investment; any and all questions were dealt with quickly and without confusion.

landscaped garden hua hin

The waterfall began to take shape after around 2 weeks. Steps were installed inside the pond to allow fish to swim up closer to the edges… All pipework for pumps and filters was also installed, to be connected up near the end of the build The pond came complete with an effective filtration system, waterjets, appropriate water pump, and a planting design able to offer up shade across the water surface.

new waterfall concept design

The final garden is a colourful combination of stone, brick, foliage, pebble and of course, water.

garden design thailand

This new pond is organically shaped and perfect for keeping many types of fish. The waterfall is powered by a series of simple switches, with a bank of filters residing along the back of the feature, out of sight.

thailand garden hua hin

The new design also included many other features, included pathways, pebble beds and borders, traditional Thai ornaments and a Thai sala, overlooking the garden and water.

thai sala hua hin garden

For full pictures of the finished garden, click here

The customer was very happy with the finished garden. Thai Garden Design offer all customers a full design service with professional and timely installation. We are also great value for money. If you are in the market for a new dream garden and you reside in Thailand, what are you waiting for? Give a an email, or call 080 655 8110 for a chat about your ideas.

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