New Colourful Planting Beds at Thai University

A popular University in Bangkok contacted Pornchai Garden to get some landscaping assistance and advice on a series of planting beds in front of their main building. They had been left unattended for a number of months and so were bare with only some dry soil.

poorly landscaped garden thailand

Pornchai Garden began by advising the University on hardy plants that can survive well in full sun and with minumal water for low maintenace purposes. The team then installed the plants and gave the University ground staff full instructions on the best ways to keep the plants fresh and healthy.

university landscaped garden thailand

The finished beds improve the landscape in so many ways; more colour and depth make the view pleasing to the eye. With the right care and maintenance, there is no reason why these new plant beds cannot continue to grow and flourish.

If you need help with your Thai landscape or garden, contact Pornchai Garden.

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