Thai Garden Ornaments – The Lotus Pot

Looking for an addition to your Thai garden is easy, with so many ornaments, statuettes, figurines, plants and features to choose from. An attractive addition to any landscaped garden is the Thai lotus pot.

thailand lotus plant pot thai garden

Working well as an individual piece or in a series, a lotus plant pot is easy to set up and maintain, and is an interesting focal point along a garden walkway, within a terrace or bedded in heavier planting. They can also be easily enhanced with a small pump and made into a mini-water feature to create the nice splashing sound effect of water.

If you are looking for help sourcing or creating interesting features within your Thai garden, give an email or call 080 655 8110 (both Thai and English) and would be more than happy to assist you installing or creating new features within your Thai garden landscape.

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