Tile and Sandwash Walkway

The garden pathway seen in the picture below is typical of many urban residences in Bangkok and Thailand.

old thai pathway

It is a straightforward pink coloured concrete paver, arranged in various patterns, acting as a designated walkway… Over time, grime, dirt and algae accumulate on the paver, which also becomes a little wobbly and uneven. The planting and side foliage are also not at their best, plus, very typical of many Thai gardens, the clay pots, various garden ornaments and potted shrubs tend to gather up over time.

Pornchai Garden were asked to design and implement various new garden features at this Bangkok house, but one of the main elements was the replacement of the side pathway running around 3/4 of the home.

thai terrace and patio design

New_sandwash_clay_tile_patio3 This newly installed clay tile and sandwash pathway is perfect for the needs of the homeowners. The house sides and foundation were piled, with a new concrete foundation layed over the top to ensure longevity. Access around the home is now far easier, and more of a pleasure than a chore.

Is access around your Thai home and garden a little difficult? Do you have a mish mash of pathways or paving stones that emulate paths? If you need a professional and cost effective Thai landscaping company, email ben@thaigardendesign.com.

We are able to take jobs all over the Kingdom of Thailand.

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