Sprinkler System Installation in Thailand

sprinklers in thailand


(above – a homemade watering system, used before Pornchai Garden were called) Pornchai Garden were called by a customer who wanted to install a sprinkler system for their large, unusually shaped garden in Hua Hin. In order to keep the garden healthy, the customer relied on their staff to manually water the garden, and they had constructed a tap system whereby they could perform the sprinkling 'manually'. However the time it took to do this everyday was over two hours.

sprinkler company in thailand

Pornchai Garden installed a complete sprinkler network that included various different types of pop-up that are able to water 'hard to reach' areas, and over long distances. The whole network was tweaked to ensure all sections of the garden were covered, even the front portions of the house next to the roadside.

automatic sprinkler system

As the garden was an unusual shape, different sprinkler head configurations had to be used to ensure the garden was fully watered. In the picture above you can see sprinkler pipes have been run along various plant beds in the harder to reach areas, and these were also employed in parts where windows or patio's exist, to ensure they don't get wet when the system is switched on.

sprinkler installation in thailand

(pic above: when turned on, parts of the garden turn into 'wet zones,' so appropriate dress is required!) In a country as hot as Thailand, it's often essential to utilise sprinkler systems if you want to keep healthy grass, plants and trees. Pornchai Garden employ expert landscapers who will give you a full consultation and a sprinkler map before installation, so you can see how all areas of the garden will be included. If you are in the market for a cost effective, easy solution for watering your garden, contact the experts here at Pornchai Garden, and we will help you to create and build your perfect garden sprinkler network.

To view the rest of the pictures of this job, see here.

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