Garden Designer in Thailand – Do you need one?

garden landscaping plan Key:
1. Heavily shaded seating area. Flagstone or brickwork patio 2. Pebble
or cobblestone pavers leading to seated area. Light planting. 3. Small
water pond with decoration and feature 4. Large tree and foliage blocking view
from side entrance 5. Border planting with some exotic plants
6. Brickwork patio for dining or seating, adjoining wood and random
stone pathway 7. Pergola, shading side walkway.

Take this typical
Thai back yard; although limited in size, it still has lots of scope for many varying regions, adding
up to what can be a very interesting and unique gardenscape. 

space at either side of the house is limited, these areas are
fulfilling potential, on the West side, you have a relaxing,
mixed stonework patio, heavily shaded, and with room for seating and
private dining.

This area also benefits from the sound of the running
water from the nearby water feature.

The East side of the
building is a simple rustic walkway (reclaimed wood beams with random stone), with overhanging pergola, and some space for
planting or other practical use.

The pathway leads to a seated
region, again this can be shaded with either a man-made structure like
a pergola, or converted into a
gazebo or small sala if desired.

The rest of the lawn is left
largely untouched, maybe a play area for children, or just a neatly
trimmed lawn.

Heavy planting at (4) helps aid privacy to the East side
of the garden.

Do you need help designing your perfect garden
space in Thailand? Look no further than Thailand's favourite
landscaping company, Pornchai Garden, we have designed and built
everything from the central reservation areas along highways, to small
domestic gardens in remote locations of Thailand.

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