Developing Thai Garden Landscapes

Picture Below – A new garden landscape installation, including a stand-alone pergola (background), Thai sala, and connecting pathways.

Landscape design thailand This previously un-used land was an empty eyesore within a local business. The owner was therefore keen to turn the space into something he could impress his customers with, as well as offer his workers somewhere for recreation, and a place also where visitors could relax and stay cool.

garden design thai landscaping in thailand The finished Thai garden has clear lines and several focal points along the walkways for users of the garden to enjoy.

A pergola situated at the back of the plot is a convenient place for people to stand and chat, out of the sunlight, and the sala / gazebo in the foreground offers a nice place to sit and relax..

For previously unused land, the area is now a thriving tropical Thai garden, one that has practical use for visitors, as well as offering an attractive and interesting talking point for those who visit the premises to do business.

Thai Garden Design are expert in all things to do with Thai landscaping and Thai garden design. If you have land that is unused and needs developing, contact us for a chat abour your requirements and wish list. 

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  1. I am wanting to create a thai garden in my corner of our back yard. I have envisaged a water feature with elephants and budas with maybe some stones. Have you any photos of something like this.

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