Riverside Garden Plan in Thailand

This plan includes a riverside at the top and side, but can be adapted to a general boundary or wall.

tropical thai river side garden design plan Key:

1. Multi level house. House is open at ground floor level 2. Small sala, close to kitchen 3. Rockeries with three lotus ponds and network of pathways and heavy tropical planting 4. Walkway leading to private shaded region 5. Cabin or large sala area with pathway around outskirts 6. Small sheltered gazebo's along the riverside 7. Large sala with pier

This large riverside plot in Thailand has roadway access from the bottom of the plan, with lush and dramatic tropical planting throughout.

In front of the house (nearest the riverside) is a network of pathways and lotus pools, with heavy tropical planting of shrubs, foliage and treescape, resulting in a heavily shaded, colourful and wild region at the heart of the garden design.

Extensive pathways give good access to all other parts of the house and garden.

The tree boundary on the left hand side of the plot is also utilised, in this case as a private part of the garden, away from both the house and the riverside.

A large cabin or sala at the top of the plot can be used as guest housing; or as a large dining or stage area for entertainment or karaoke parties. Again, this is surrounded with rustic pathways, tropical planting and benefits from a close riverside view.

The largish area nearest the river is left clear, so as not to block the river view; and there is an absense of pathways across the lawn, offering a stark contrast to the heavily planted region nearer the house, plus giving interesting views from both riverside, and from the home.

A simple hardwood pathway joins the sheltered areas and larger sala at the top of the plot along the riverside; this could be covered with a simple wooden and polycarbon roof combination to protect in the event of heavy rainfall.

More formal, neater paths are present around the homestead and at the right of the house, giving good access around the plot and leading to the focus points of the rockeries and pond landscapes.

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