Creating the right path and paving on your Thai landscape

modern tropical paving Care really needs to be taken with regard pathways and paving within your Thai landscape. Many gardens can be improved with good access and imaginative pathways, equally, a good garden can fail to reach it's potential if the paving is over the top or not created aesthetically with the existing surroundings.

In situations where there is not enough light for grass to grow, rustic paving materials can be an excellent solution. The use of porous materials will also encourage the growth of moss, which can add to the rustic look of a pathway or paved area, although you have to be very careful on flat surfaces where it can become very slippery when moist.

Pavers in enclosed areas really have the potential to make or break a landscape; a well planned paving will add 'wow' factor, and complement the overall feel of the garden.

Bold patterns can really have a high impact on garden landscapes, and should be used in more formal settings (picture below), whereas split paving and natural stone patterns are much better for natural settings (picture above).

modern tropical pathway Another important aspect to consider with large paved areas is drainage. In Thailand where torrential rain has a habit of occuring when you least expect it, it is prudent to design paved areas with cambers or waterway systems where water can 'run off' and be dispensed.

For uneven edges and hard to fill holes, gravel and pebbles make a great aesthetic filler, and an excellent problem solver for such areas, as well as great for regions of planted foliage and around tree bases. In the picture below, stones and pebbles of different sizes and colours have been well set into the concrete.

tropical paving design To view some popular paving types, click here

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