Tropical Pond Landscape – Before and After

water fall design The picture above shows the beginning of the tropical pond landscape design. A pool template has been sunk into the ground, with some natural rocks used on the outskirts to enclose the template and give a more natural feel to the final design. Some tropical planting has been put down at the back, and the area has begun to take shape, although it is far from the finished product.

tropical waterfall design featureThis is the same pond landscape just eight weeks after the design was installed. As you can see, the plants have now taken root and are flourishing. The large rocks around the pool have been disguised somewhat by the tropical planting, although still showing enough to give a real natural feel to this manmade feature.

The cooling effect of the pool and running water add greatly to the area, helping to absorb humidity from the air, and adding overall colour and a natural look to the landscape, making this new pond water feature a sure winner with all visitors to this new Thai garden.

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