Proportion and Scale in Tropical Garden Design

Many Thai garden owners have the luxury of having more 'landscape to play with' than they might back in their native countries. Although land in Thailand is increasing in price, it is often a great deal cheaper than homes and property in the West.

thai garden design

Garden designs are different from interior house designs in many aspects, but one of the most important ones is 'scale'. Scale and proportion are very important factors when considering the use of space. Within interior design, architects create living and working spaces that are comfortable and practical for the human figure, but, when in the outdoor realm, the sky is quite literally the limit. In countries like Thailand, often homes will be un-bordered, benefiting from large, wide open skyline views.

Therefore, outdoor spacing considerations are far different from interior space considerations, where the same proportions, if used outside, may feel or look weak or unsubstantial. A tropical garden designer therefore has to relate the size of the human body to the expanse of the sky, house(s), trees and dimensions of the garden and the horizon.

tropical garden design

Tips for doing this well are to upsize the size of pathways, steps and relaxation areas to suit the scale of the garden space.

For instance, where doorways may be fairly narrow within a household, a garden doorway should be far wider. For recreational and relaxation areas, there is often no need to limit the space as you might, say, if you were designing for a lounge area inside.

So when planning a garden design for a large garden space, ensure the features within are in proportion and in harmony with your outdoor space.

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