Tropical Patios and Terraces

A well designed garden terrace will give the owner a place to relax. A cool, shaded region, easy to walk on barefoot and somewhere to sit and survey the rest of the garden.

tropical thailand terrace view

Patios and terraces within gardens are essential to good garden design, be it an entrance-way, nook, corner area or side alley, all have the potential to become an attractive place to relax. There are hundreds of available materials, styles, looks and themes to choose from.

tropical brick and grass terrace landscape design

Tropical terrace design is not limited to a wooden deck or a brick patios. The Thai climate encourages homeowners to want to spend time in the garden. In the above picture, Thai Garden Design designed an exposed courtyard area with grass and laterite brick, in order to create a low maintenance, attractive pattern as well as somewhere cooler to 'step' during the daylight hours….

thailand patio and terrace landscape design

(Pic above – the terrace courtyard at the Ayutthaya government offices, designed and installed by Thai Garden Design team). Terraces and patios in Thailand can be very dramatic places; a modern, formal tile patio amongst the wild tropical greenery has the potential to be inviting and pleasing to the eye. In addition to the clever employment of garden furniture, potted plants and water features, there really is no limit to what can be acheived.

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