Creating a Hotel Landscape Garden

hotel landscaping in thailand

Key: 1. Driveway and car park entrance. 2. Back of hotel. Pathway leading to garden for residents. 3. Covered walkway into hotel lobby 4. Treescape improving shade and enclosing hotel garden for privacy 5. Pavilion building, coffee shop and outdoor restaurant. 6. Patio garden, with seating, water feature, attractive planting and shade.

thailand hotel garden plan

Pornchai Garden provide all manner of design, building and consultation services to some of Thailand’s leading company’s (client list here English / client list here Thai).

In this above plan, Pornchai Garden designed a modern garden for a hotel client in Bangkok. The garden is private, and only for use by those who stay at the hotel. The pavilion area at the centre was eventually used as a coffee shop and eating area for those using the hotel, wanting to dine outside. An attractive planting scheme was employed around the garden plot to provide a natural garden landscape.

Do you own or manage a hotel in Thailand? Is your garden area old or unnattractive? If so, contact [email protected] for a free consultation and design ideas for your hotel.

Pictures of the finished garden will be posted shortly.

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