Utilising Thai Garden Ornaments

thai garden art

Thai garden art and garden ornaments are widely available and
cater for all types and tastes. Just how much you rely on them in your
garden really comes down to your own personal tastes and the type of garden you
prefer. One thing is for certain, amongst the rich greenery, a cleverly
positioned pot, statue, ceramic animal or tub will catch the eye.

garden art and ornament in thailand

Really good garden ornaments when used well create focal points
within your landscape. They can help break up a planting scheme, lawn
or border area, punctuate a paved terrace, or create and frame the
magical water sound that so many tropical dwellers love to hear.

thai ornaments and thailand garden art

Statues and sculptures always do well when combined with lush
landscapes or water in hot countries, and larger, more significant
garden art can be viewed from a distance along a long walkway or
courtyard. The possibilities are endless, and within Thailand, with
such a wealth of good, relatively inexpensive garden ornaments, the
magic they can create within a garden can be addictive, so, try to
ensure that you don't 'overdo' the use of Thai garden ornaments – simplicity and style
is usually the best way….

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