Laying Electrical and Water Facilities at Thai Resort

Creating successful landscapes isn't all about planting patterns and
good space management. Other elements like accessible electrical
facilities and good plumbing are essential to any landscape plan.

landscape design in thailand
plumbing in thailand
Pornchai Garden have vast experience in creating successful Thai landscapes, from small urban gardens, to large factories and Thai holiday resorts.

Most landscapes
require some kind of electrical or water input – a water pump for a small water feature, or an electrical outage to power a heater or
lighting system.

Whatever your garden plan, thought needs to be
given to the facilities required in order to make your landscape
'work'. Without prior thought, you could be heading for problems at a later stage.

(in the pictures) the Pornchai team are involved in the laying down of new
electrical lines to power a new lighting system for a large resort in
Central Thailand, as well as installing a new network of water pipes to feed several newly installed water features.

Our team has all the experience
necessary to be able to professionally plan and execute
your working landscape, from the very large to the very small.

If you
are planning a new landscape in Thailand, and are looking for some
expertise, contact Pornchai Garden on 080 655 8110, or email [email protected].

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