Thai Garden Plan – The ‘Living with Nature’ Garden

living in nature garden plan

1. Simple stone pathway inset into the lawn, leading to the back of the house, passing pot (or water pot) feature heavily covered in greenery and heavy planting. 2. Light grey stone slabs, sunk into lawn at interesting angles. 3. Covering pergola, quite large, used for shade and recreation plus growth of creeper plants and vines. 4. Wooden deck along the back entrance of the house. Adjacent sala for shade / dining. 5. Terrace or patio area, rock feature, possible water fall. 6. Pathway leading to other side of house, with border plants etc.

natural pot feature in thai garden
A typical back garden shape in Thailand, with access from both sides to the garden, although this garden does benefits from a large plot continuing outwards for some way, and so heavy tree planting with palms and small trees create the natural border of the garden.

interesting stone lawn path in thailand Point 1 is the main entranceway into the garden area, a simple pathway leads past heavy planting and pot feature on the left hand side, setting the overall scene nicely, and creating a lush tropical atmosphere. The busy planting scheme and the corner of the building mean that visitors will be interested in what lies around the corner. The welcome shaded region of the pergola will also draw visitors into the garden area.

decking company in thailand Point 4 is the main recreation stroke dining area of the garden, close to the kitchen perhaps, so that those enjoying the garden don't have to walk far in order to reach their destination.

The rockery at point 5 could possibly be converted into a large waterfall feature, opposite the sitting area, this would prove a dramatic setting, and one that would prove popular for it's cooling qualities.

The heavy treescape at the back of the plot effectively 'frames' the back garden, and is also helping to create shade, privacy and atmosphere, plus, a real sense of a natural surrounding, proving this to be a real 'living' nature garden.

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2 thoughts on “Thai Garden Plan – The ‘Living with Nature’ Garden”

  1. I can see that there is a Thai approach to planting design and the use of construction materials, but can you tell me if there is also a Thai style of garden layout?

  2. Hi Tom, you have many different approaches, many different influences (Chinese, European, Balinese / Indian etc) plus many different geographical climes and localities (coastal gardens, urban gardens, mountainous and hilly landscapes etc) and there are differences between them all as well as the plants used. Layout – generally depends on size of plot, salas are very popular and general out-in-the-open eating spaces (with shade), water is also very important (lotus ponds / pools etc), plus you have the influence of Royal Gardens and Religious compounds, which traditionally use plants and trees for practical purposes (fruit trees etc). The tropical climate is conducive to rapid growth, so untended gardens can soon become pretty overgrown, therefore many city dwelling Thai’s prefer stones / pebble / rock / lots of decking for ease of maintenance etc. There is a definite Thai style of doing things, but no real defined Thai ‘layout’ I would say.

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