Tropical Waterside Sala Garden

water sala in tropical thailand plan

Key: (1) Rustic pathway leading into rear of Thai garden. (2) Decking and pergola along back of house (3) Heavily planted beds and trees. (4) Series of cooling ponds and pond sprinklers. (5) Sala. (6) Secluded relaxation zone with rustic brickwork terrace.

stone and grass path This medium sized plot incorporates lots of stylish features, ensuring that this Thai garden is one that will be remembered fondly. The main focal point is the large series of water baths / ponds, linking the heavy planting along the back of the garden to the sala in the north east corner. A clever arrangement of sprinklers in the pondscape provide cooling water movement and background noise throughout the landscape, and make the sala a welcome place to rest.

pergola covered decking in thailand
Beside the pond to the south lies a well trimmed lawn, for children and general play. Heavy planting and trees line the back of the plot and add to a pleasant traditional, tropical feel. 

For those too lazy to venture to the sala, a wooden deck terrace lies just outside of the homestead, and with a large covering pergola along the left and upper edges, blocking the sun throughout the whole day in this particular spot of the garden.

rustic brickwork terrace tropical beds A secluded heavily planted region at (6) provides a nice place to sit on a rustic brickwork terrace, whilst taking in the views, listening to the gentle noise of the sprinkling water amongst a heavily planted tropical setting.

A combination or traditional and modern, formal and informal, make this modern tropical Thai garden a sure winner in any home in Thailand. Pornchai Garden listen, plan, create, build and modify winning gardens in Thailand. Are you looking to improve your home? Talk to Pornchai Garden. Email [email protected] for more information.

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