Using Water in your Garden in Thailand

large water feature in thailand
Water has been used extensively in ancient Thai gardens for generations. This is due to its cooling qualities and the way it can re-awaken the senses, its movement and the reflections it creates can prove very eye-catching, and beneficial to many Thai landscapes.

thailand garden water feature The sound of water can be energising, especially in tropical heat, and can help to improve the appearence of surrounding materials, such as tiles, stones and plants. It also provides a home for new plant life and fish, which themselves providing new injections of life and colour to the garden.

Water in Thailand has been used formally throughout Palace landscapes and temples since their conception, many times in the forms of large rectangular bathing ponds and fountains. Informally, Thai water features also appear regularly as free-form shapes and natural ponds throughout both Thai urban and rural garden scapes.

When designing your Thai water feature, remember, a more formal water feature design is best suited to smaller spaces; next to a building or structure. Free-form water features and natural ponds should be designated more space within a garden design or plan, as they are better suited to larger areas.

thai garden landscape water feature If water is an available resource in your Thai garden, consider carefully the many different options you have before deciding on which form or shape it will take. The qualities of water within the garden can greatly enhance any landscape, but if used badly, can have a negative impact, taking up too much space and inviting problems.

If you need help including a rock waterfall, water feature or lotus pond in your Thai garden, talk to Pornchai Garden. We have installed hundreds of different water features throughout every type of Thai landscape, from temples to small urban spaces.

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