Garden Grass in Thailand

Many homes in and around cities in Thailand are new builds; where the building company that finishes the house are also responsible for what is usually some simple garden planting, grass and possibly some decked areas or terraces.

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Sometimes, shortly after the house and garden are finished, problems may arise within the garden area; this could be drainage issues, land sinkage, and grass problems, which can lead to the owners being unhappy with their garden area.

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In this example, the grass at this nice home in Bangkok was patchy, and prone to clumps of weeds. After an initial evaluation, the team at recommended an alternative grass type, one that is more suited to the light levels and which is generally thicker from the roots, therefore keeping weeds from suceeding.

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The new grass type (Malaysian grass) is also much greener, and with maintenance and watering will remain healthier and more pleasant to the eye that the previous grass.

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The whole home in this example was completed within one day, giving the garden a new, more colourful and welcoming appeal.

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If you're interested in improving your Thai garden, email [email protected].

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