Installing a Japanese Garden (in your Thai Garden)

A client required Pornchai Garden to install a Japanese garden in a section of their new garden plan.

japanese garden in thailand

The area before the development was grassy and ordinary. Pipe work and an outdoor condenser sat on the corner of the house, out in the open.

thai japanese style garden

The new garden is fresh, inviting and aesthetic. The white pebble stones have replaced the grass as a ground cover, and rectangular grey stone has been used for the main pathway. Planting along the side of the house has covered the pipe work and condenser on the corner. Some Japanese style ornaments, bamboo fence and planting finish off the look, to create a real Japanese style garden.

The outcome: our client has replaced his normal grassy garden nook, with a new, exciting Japanese style garden.

Are you looking for a creative landscaping solution? Pornchai Garden can design, invent, install and build all types of garden, from domestic clients to industrial scale landscaping.

If you need professional Thai landscaping services, of the highest quality, look no further, email ben@thaigardendesign or contact Pornchai Garden.

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