Galphimia – Bright Flowering Shrub

Galphimia_flowering_shrub Galphimia is always noticeable for it's glossy bluey green leaves and little bright yellow flowers.

This flowering shrub loves full sun, and will grow quickly and constantly flower in such conditions, but can also survive well in partial shade and in dry conditions.

Galphimia is of the Malpighiaceae genus, is of Mexican origin and a close relative of Malpighia Coccigera, or the popular Singapore Holly.

It is an excellent foliage plant within any tropical garden due it reliable yellow flowers which remain in bloom, and thus explaining its nickname – Shower of Gold.

2 thoughts on “Galphimia – Bright Flowering Shrub”

  1. You can put it right over the lawn if you put down something in-between the lawn and your new soil. We used a thick layer of newspapers, but I’ve heard of people using carpet or Hessian bags.

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