Bangkok Garden Design

bangkok garden landscape design Key:
1. Entrance Pathway, basic brick path with pebbles and light planting on outskirts.
2. Heavy planting along outer fence. Random rock gardens and patio outside building.
3. Large koi pond water feature, decking and bridged areas allowing access.
4. Sideway, with smooth path and planting, leading to back of plot.
5. Open area, heavy shade on outskirts. Bordered with feature plants.

Many houses in Bangkok have small frontages and long plots. In this design above, the plot is actually made up by many different sized buildings, and so the key was to create seamless linkways between these different areas.

At the centre, a large water feature is created; this is main socialising area, the centre-point. There is lots of deck space, and easy access to all other areas of the plot. The cooling effect of the water, and calming sound of the running water will attract all members of the house to this region at all times of the night and day.

The outskirts of the plot are heavily planted to increase shade and seclusion from neighbours. Within the plot, various planting and rock gardens and pebbled areas create a open and colourful garden, with many different focal areas, creating a landscape of many faces and features, yet all combining to produce a unique and pleasant garden space.

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