Building Bridge Landscapes in Thailand

bridge landscape in thailand Whether you have artificial water added to your plot in the form of a lotus pond or waterfall structure, or if there is already existing water around your Thai landscape, a bridge can be an attractive and aesthetic feature in any garden.

building bridges in thailand Depending on the surrounding environment and style of your plot, the bridge will have to be a good 'fit' with your landscape in order to look attractive.

A bridge is a necessity in many Thai landscapes due to abundance of water, so as a garden feature, you can really go to town. Rather than simply providing the means to get from A to B, a bridge can be a statement, an attractive talking point in your Thai garden. If you are adding a large water pond, stream or lotus pool to your garden, the bridge should always be discussed as part of the overall design.

Are you interested in creating a new bridge in your Thai landscape? Or do you want to add a new water feature to your Thai garden landscape? Contact Pornchai Garden or email [email protected] to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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