Tropical Grass Types

There are dozens of different grass types available throughout Thailand. Here are three popular types:

tropical grass Japanese Grass

Japanese Grass is very fine but tough. It is made up of very little leaves which make a very even and a nice carpet for any landscape surface. However, it is quite brittle, so not the best type of grass to sit on, but perfect for standing and presentation.

tropical grass Nor Noi Grass

Nor Noi Grass is popular in Thailand; the leaves are softer than Japanese grass and although it is good quality grass, it is also tough so will take lots of punishment. It is also easy to maintain, but requires lots of water. Nor Noi Grass thrives best in full sun.

tropical grass Malaysian Grass

Malaysian Grass grows very well and very quickly in the right conditions, and can also grow well on sandier soils. It is more suited to shaded regions, won't grow in full sun.

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