Fulfill Your Garden’s Potential – the Hua Hin Low Maintenance Garden

Pornchai Garden were recently contacted by a Swedish couple with a nice home and garden in Hua Hin. The couple spent a few weeks at a time in Thailand every few months, and were a bit frustrated with their garden space, which was patchy and a little overgrown.

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Large bougainvillea took up valuable space within this section of the garden, and a small stepping stone pathway on pebble remained as the main access to the house. There was nowhere to sit and relax, and the plants, trees, borders and stones didn't really 'fit' together well.

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The couple wanted the space to be pleasant to the eye, easy to manage and maintain, as well as offer up some privacy to this part of the garden.

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The Pornchai team constructed a non-slip tile terrace along one side, matching the level of the existing walkway along the side of the house, as well as installing a low maintenance pebble garden throughout, with ornamental lighting, and some sophisticated planting to catch the eye.

thailand landscape design

Existing plants were relocated to other more suitable areas of the garden, and once this space was free of the excess planting, the couple were surprised by the actual size of their garden!

hua hin garden designer

If you have a home in Thailand, and your garden could do with some help (as Erik would say) don't wait!! Contact ben@thaigardendesign.com.

2 thoughts on “Fulfill Your Garden’s Potential – the Hua Hin Low Maintenance Garden”

  1. Thai gardens are so beautifully designed and the plants complement the environment, not crowd it with non-matching colours. Everything from the pavement to the turf is designed with thought and precision.

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